Who the heck is Mack Gordon?

MackGordon-Headshot2In April of 2017, Mack was slinging merch and touring with Vancouver rock band Yukon Blonde. Sven, the band’s tour manager also works for Vancouver’s best dive bar: The Biltmore Cabaret. One late night, while talking about their dreams and ambitions, Mack confided in Sven that he always wanted to run a Family Feud style game show night. Sven booked the venue that very moment and Mack was forced to put his money where his mouth was. After two self-produced nights at the bar, the buzz was so heavy that corporate holiday parties started getting in touch. Mack Gordon’s Game Show Night – featuring versions of Family Feud and The Newlywed Game – is one of Vancouver’s rowdiest nights. Trivia night meets bar mitzvah; your buddy’s backyard badminton tourney meets the best stagette you weren’t invited to, Mack Gordon’s Game Show Night will leave your cheeks hurting and voice hoarse.

Praise for Mack Gordon’s Game Show Night:

“Mack Gordon’s Game Show Night was a fantastic edition to our recent Company Holiday Party. Our Holiday party is the largest and most anticipated event of the year with over 2000 employees in attendance.  Our guests are a diverse group with varying ages and interests but are all expecting the “wow factor”.  Mack’s Game Show hit an absolute home run! He ran a series of “Family Feud” style shows to packed and captivated audiences.  The show ticked all our boxes as not only was it completely entertaining, it was also very inclusive.  Whether guests wanted to participate or just sit back and watch the show, there was something for everyone!  Mack was a powerhouse of a host.  A ball of energy, enthusiasm and comedy gold.   He ensured all the game show participants felt comfortable and had a positive experience in the spotlight.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mack Gordon’s Game Show Night to any organization putting on a party or team building event.  It is completely unique, engaging, top quality professional entertainment.”

“It’s time to play…the Family Feud!  Who put the F-U-N in team building? Top survey answer is…Mack Gordon and his team! Morningstar Homes recently hosted an interactive team building event at Grouse Mountain comprised of outdoor day activities followed by a Family Feud Game Challenge hosted by Mack Gordon. Mack and his staff took our event to the next level; with the host’s 70’s game show-inspired attire, big screen electronic game show backdrop and high energy. If good-natured fun, lots of laughs and team competition is what your company is looking for then Morningstar would highly recommend working with Mack Gordon. Mack and his team were fun, organized and easy to work with when customizing the event to our corporate culture. You will not be disappointed.”

  • Karen Merke
    Senior Operations Manager
    Morningstar Homes